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Meet the Voice Hearers


Voice hearing is different for everyone. Some people hear one voice, others hear multiple voices and some hear music or humming. Some people hear voices that are encouraging and supportive, while others can hear critical and angry voices. On this page, you'll meet some voice hearers – all of whom have different and diverse experiences.​ ​
  • Beth

    Beth is fifty-six years old, lives in a small cottage and loves nothing more than cuddling up to her fifteen year old rescue cat Harry.

  • jj

    JJ is 32 years old, a well-known music producer and hears a range of voices as well as humming. JJ also sees visions.

  • josh

    Josh is a 41 year old dad who hears a range of voices. During times of stress they become critical, loud and intrusive.

  • Chris

    Chris is 19 years old, an aspiring game developer, and hears multiple negative voices and one positive voice.

  • Ella

    Ella is 25 years old, a fashion-lover, and hears both negative and positive voices.

  • ROB

    Rob is 65 years old a retired engineer, and mainly hears voices that are critical and warn him of danger.