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Recovery Stories

​​​The Voices in My Head​syjEN3peCJw External Link

In this inspiring TED Talk, Eleanor Longden discusses her experiences with hearing voices and her journey from hopelessness and despair to learning to live peacefully alongside her voices.


Pat Deegan: Becoming “Doctor Deegan"
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Pat Deegan shares her courageous journey of breaking free from her 'schizophrenic' label, to becoming a doctor, researcher and advocate to challenge the mental health system.


A Tale of Mental Illness from the Inside
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Elyn Saks shares her experiences of being diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia, becoming institutionalised and given little hope, to becoming an accomplished professor of law and psychiatry.


My Journey from psychosis to Mental Health Nurse of the Year
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Matt Ball shares his experiences of psychosis, trauma, homelessness, and prolonged hospitalisations to becoming a highly-regarded Nurse Practitioner and mental health trainer. Matt, founder of the HUMANE clinic offers holistic and trauma informed approaches towards understanding voices.


Schizophrenics or Voice Hearers?
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Schizophrenia can seem like a curse for many and half the difficulty lies in the stigma of hearing voices.  In his blogs, Nikhil Murthy challenges that stigma by sharing his own story and offers a new way to view this mental disorder.


Behind The Label
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Rachel Waddingham shares her story of challenging the stigma associated with the label of schizophrenia. She discovers a hearing voices group which supports her to make sense of her voices and develop a sense of hope.
Indigo Daya
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Indigo Daya speaks about her voices, visions and other realities and what they mean to her.


Living with my Voices
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Kevin Healey discusses how he makes sense of his voices by understanding how they can be used as a helpful tool in his life.


Hearing Voices: an Insider's Guide to Auditory Hallucinations
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In this TED talk, Debra Lampshire shares her experiences of living with voices and how she discovers a way to liberate herself and her voices.