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Understanding Voices

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This website explores different approaches to voice-hearing and practical techniques for managing distressing voices. It also provides information for families, friends and carers.


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This website shares resources on hearing voices, ways to cope with challenging voices and also explores the positive aspects to voice hearing experiences.


Living Life Gently External Link

Blog post by Elisabeth Svanholmer sharing reflections, news and resources relating to hearing voices, compassion, body work, mindfulness and much more.


Hearing Voices Network

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Website of the UK Hearing Voices Network which shares helpful resources on hearing voices, visions and other perceptual experiences and provides platforms to connect, raise awareness and advocate.

Compassion for Voices

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A website that supports and promotes compassionate approaches towards voice hearing and other experiences. 

Uniting Prahran (Voices Vic)

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Voices Vic is a state-wide award winning and research supported specialist program led by people with a lived experience, which seeks to improve the lives of people who hear voices.


Perth Voices Clinic

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A Perth based clinic founded by Murdoch University that provides support services to voice hearers. This website also offers additional resources and forums to connect voice hearers and carers.

Rufus May External Link

Rufus May, a clinical psychologist, offers holistic and compassionate approaches towards hearing and engaging with voices. 

General Well-Being


Beyond Blue

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ChevronBeyond Blue  External Linkprovides information and support to help Australians overcome mental health challenges and improve their quality of life. This website contains evidence based resources and strategies to support mental health and wellbeing.


The Black Dog Institute Well-Being Page  

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The Black Dog Institute provides support and pathways for those encountering challenges with their mental health. This website provides a wealth of evidenced based information and tools to help people understand mental illness and how to seek support if needed.  



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This website is developed by young people for young people, aimed at overcoming the stigma of mental illness. It encouraging youth to speak up, connect and share their lived experience stories.



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This website provides information about mental illness, recovery stories and provides platforms to connect with support services and peers in times of need. 


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This website explores the lived experience leadership & advocacy network. It provides information, articles, blogs and platforms to connect with other with a lived experience of mental illness. 

Human Kind Meditation

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Free guided meditations and wellness strategies


​​Hearing Voices

ChevronHearing Voices Support Groups Connect and Heal External Link

A video on the role of Hearing Voices Support Groups and the positive influence of connecting with others with shared experiences.


What it's like to hear voices

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This video shares unique journeys of voice hearers, their insights into this experience and strategies they find helpful to cope. It also explores the family and carer's perspective.


Compassion for voices

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An animated video which explores using a compassionate approach to help manage distressing voices and create a more respectful relationship with them.


'Voices Matter' by Mad in America validating the experience of Hearing Voices

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'Voices Matter' is a documentary about the global Hearing Voices Movement, filmed at the 2012 World Hearing Voices Congress in Cardiff, Wales.


I hear I hear, what you don't hear. An animation about voice hearing

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An informative animation that explains the varied experiences of hearing voices, as well as the statistics, explanations, science and cultural interpretations of hearing voices.


'Engaging with Voices  

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A videos series that explores compassion focused techniques and guided dialogue in engaging with voices. It aims to help people develop compassionate relationships with their voices.


Hearing Voices Documentary: Living with Voices

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A UK based documentary that explores people's lived experiences with hearing voices.


Rufus May - Living Mindfully with Voices

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Rufus May shares his work using mindfulness, compassion and engaging with voices to help ease distress and live alongside voices more peacefully.


Voices Vic - Madness: A Meaningful Journey

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A short documentary about what it is like to hear voices directed by people who have lived experiences of hearing voices.


Paranoia and Voice Hearing - Peter Bullimore:

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Peter Bullimore talks about how traumatic events in life can trigger paranoia and hearing voices. He explores helpful ways to support voice hearers by listening and understanding their life events.


Coping with distress


Self Soothe

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This video explores ways to self soothe when you're feeling distressed, unsafe or not coping so well. It explores our five senses and brainstorms activities you could try help soothe your mind and body.


TIPP skill

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This video explores the TIPP Skill (originating from Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) which aims to help ease distress or emotions when they become so intense you don't feel safe or can think clearly.

 Apps & Podcasts



Mental Health and wellbeing

Headspace - Provides easy to follow guided breathing, meditation and mindfulness exercises.

Mentemia -  A digital mental wellbeing coach that provides tools and tips to cope with most common life stressors including poor sleep, anxiety and stress.

Mindshift - Provides users with tools and information on anxiety, relaxation techniques and developing more helpful ways of thinking.

CBT Thought Diary - Mood Tracker, Journal & Record. A 'thought record' guides you through the steps of identifying and challenging negative thinking patterns.

WellMind – Helps users track and cope with stress, anxiety and depression and provides information on mental health and wellbeing.


Relaxation and Mindfulness

Smiling Mind- Provides tools and guided practices to help people live a more balanced life through mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises and tips to manage stress.

Calm – Aims to help user to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing. It provides information and guided practices for meditation, mindfulness, meditation and sleep routines.

Mindfulness coach- Provides a gradual, self-guided training program designed to help you understand and adopt a simple mindfulness practice.

My Life Meditation: mindfulness – Offers meditation and mindfulness, daily wellness check-ins and suggests activities personalised to how you're feeling.




I Hear Voices 

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Alice shares her experiences of hearing 15 different voices, their different personalities and how she has learned to live alongside them.

Voices in your head

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This podcast explores a theory that describes how words and thoughts move from speech outside our heads to speech inside our heads.

Hearing voices: the science of auditory verbal hallucinations

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A weekly science podcast on how auditory verbal hallucinations can be studied in the lab.

Voices in the dark

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Chris Chapman explores voices- what it's like to hear them, what they are, and different explanations and understandings of why people hear voices.


Mental Health    

Not alone

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Every day Australians talk about their mental health journey to help people feel more connected and less alone in their experiences.


All in the mind

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A weekly podcast that explores mental health, the mind, brain and behaviour.


Mr Feels: A Mental health Podcast

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This podcast aims to break the barriers and stigmas surrounding mental illness. It provides an open and honest dialogue covering a range of mental health topics and lived experience stories.


Mentally Yours

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The host's interview guests to share their unique stories of mental illness igniting a sense of hope and survival.​