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HammondCare partnership


NSLHD and HammondCare have established a partnership to co-deliver a comprehensive range of supportive and palliative care services for residents of NSLHD.​

These include:

  1. Provide safe, high-quality person-centred care through effective communication, collaboration, continuity and coordination.
  2. Deliver palliative and end-of-life care in the best possible integrated approach.
  3. Recognise the role and responsibility of key parties to maintain consistent service delivery and performance.
  4. Achieve transparency through communication, early consultation and information sharing.
  5. Be alert of opportunities and challenges to create solutions that will benefit patients, their families, our staff and organisations.
  6. Use clinically appropriate care modalities to support the provision of integrated care.

For more information visitExternal LinkHammondCare website.​​​

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