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Use of logos (NSLHD & Sponsors)

NSLHD logos

The NSLHD Research Office requires the inclusion of the following logos on all institutional patient facing documents submitted for Research Governance authorisation.

The below logo formats are the only two formats that are accepted by NSLHD Research Governance.

Please note that all patient facing documents intended for use at a NSLHD site must have the logo (s) clearly visible for participants.


1. NSW Waratah Government Logo with Royal North Shore Hospital Crest logo:

alternate text 48 alternate text 49 




2. Northern Sydney Local Health District logo:

alternate text 50 


Please note that either Word icon option 1 or option 2 must be used. Variations to, or combinations of both is not acceptable.

These requirements are based on the NSW Government Brand Guidelines which apply to all agencies under the Government Sector Employment Act 2013.


Sponsor logos

The NSLHD Research Office does not support the use of sponsor logos for clinical trial participant documents and considers the sponsor logo a tool for branding and marketing a product.

Clinical trials involve unregistered products and a company cannot market an unregistered (TGA) drug. Sponsor logos do not relate to research and development and the use of them in research breaches section 13.3 of the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct Edition 17 as well as the Commonwealth Therapeutic Goods Legislation.