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Session 1



This is a videoconference call with a member of the team (your counsellor).

During this call, you will watch a personalised 8-minute video streamed to your electronic device (computer/tablet/phone).

You will also be asked to complete two short questionnaires, and your quit-smoking plan will be discussed, including a quitting date.

In the personalised video, you will view scenes with you as the main character. The images of your 'family photo', of yourself and your partner will be transposed on to the characters in the story.

The video, which is in the style of a short documentary, shows that a heart attack is a potential consequence of continuing to smoke, and provides a visual representation as if you were the person having the heart attack.

You will have time afterwards to talk to the counsellor about this experience and be asked to comment. The main goal of viewing the video is for you to graphically visualize potential consequences of continued smoking, for both you and your loved ones. You will also be asked to agree on a date, within 7 days, to make your quit attempt.