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What to Expect


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In preparation for the treatment sessions you will have an Introductory Videoconference where...

  • You will meet your counsellor
  • We'll check on whether your internet bandwidth is suitable for the video component. If it seems inadequate, we'll discuss possible solutions or alternatives
  • Your counsellor will explain nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), how to use it, and give you a clear plan, for how to prepare for quitting.


The core of your treatment program will be the videoconference Sessions 1 and 2 where...

  • You will see your personalised video which should boost your motivation to stop smoking
  • In Session 1 your counsellor will try to sustain this motivation and get you to agree on a quit plan and agree on a quit date, to take place before Session 2.


We also have 8 relapse prevention videos you can stream at any time

  • These teach you ways to prevent you from smoking again!
  • Using up-to-date knowledge and the best known techniques
  • Helps you deal with the most common barriers people face to stay smoke free


The topic titles are:

  • How to use Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT),
  • Quitting smoking & drinking alcohol
  • Quitting smoking & your mood
  • How to stop routine smoking
  • Stress or worry when quitting smoking
  • Not smoking around other smokers
  • Worries about weight gain when quitting smoking
  • Introduction to Relapse Prevention


Another important resource included is a tool to devise an effective plan to prepare for high risk situations .., called My High Risk Solutions (see Preventing Relapse, guidance and other resources).


During the program we will also send regular text messages, to help motivate you, and keep you on track. When treatment Sessions 1 and 2 are over, we will call you at regular intervals, to see how you're going, and offer advice if you're having trouble remaining smoke free


You will then have 2 follow up videoconference sessions at 3 and 6 months after Session 1. During the 6-month session, if you are not smoking or using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), we will get you to do a simple saliva test which will confirm that you are not smoking, and soon after we will contact your partner (or proxy) to also confirm your non-smoking status.


We will also contact you at 12 months, to check on your smoking status.