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Session 3 and 4


These will occur at 3 and 6 months following Session 1.

These sessions will also take the form of a videoconference call. You will be asked about your progress, and given ongoing encouragement and advice on how to remain a non-smoker.

After sessions 3 and 4 your partner or proxy will be contacted by email to confirm your smoking status. Please refer to Participant's partner and Participant's proxy, in the "Getting started" section (above).

In session 3 (at 3 months follow-up), you may be shown the video for the third time at the counsellor's discretion, or if you choose to see it again.

In Sessions 4 (at 6 months follow-up), if you are not smoking or using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), you will also be asked to provide a small sample of saliva to biologically confirm your smoking status*. The counsellor will guide you through the test process and the results will be determined during the videoconference.

* For this purpose you will be supplied with testing kits via post.