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Financial help

alternate text 47Does the person you care have the capacity to make importa​​nt decisions?

Are you legally able to make these decisions for them?

Do you need financial information and support in your role as a carer?

Although you may not want to think about these things, it is important that you do.

No matter what your current situation, no matter who you care for, there are legal and financial considerations you must consider.  Planning is important and there are many legal and financial options that will ease the stress.

Our Legal Considerations page has information on wills, Powers of Attorney, enduring guardianship and advanced care directives.  

You can visit our Financial Considerations page for financial information and support including Centrelink carer payments and free, confidential Financial Information Services (FIS). External Link​​


Only a carer would truly understand the stresses that are a part of the journey and finances can play a large part.  

You need to know support is available to assist you financially.​

  • Centrelink External Link: via the Department of Human Services, provides a number of supplementary payments specifically for carers.
  • Carer Payment External Link: financial support available to those people who cannot work in substantial paid employment as they are full time carers.
  • Carer Allowance External Link: financial supplement, paid fortnightly, for those who provide additional care to an adult or dependent child who need assistance.
  • Carer Supplement External Link: a payment, made annually in a lump sum, to assist with the costs of caring. You can only receive this if you are receiving a Carer Payment or Carer Allowance.
  • Carer Adjustment Payment External Link is a one-off payment available to carers who care for a child under seven.
  • Child Disability Assistance Payment External Link: an annual lump sum payment to those who care for a child with a disability.
  • Pensioner Education Supplement External Link: an extra payment available to those carers who are students studying full, or part, time in a secondary tertiary course.
  • Continence Aids Payment Scheme External Linkis a Scheme available to those who have permanent or severe incontinence to assist in paying for incontinent products.
  • Essential Medical Equipment Payment External Link: a payment made to assist with the cost of running medical equipment.



If you are a carer with dependent children you could also apply for:

  • Family Tax Benefit External Link: assists parents/ guardians with the costs involved in raising children.
  • Parenting Payment External Link: provides income support to parents/ guardians to assist with the costs involved in raising children.
  • Jobs, Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance External Link: payments available to those who are looking for work, training, or being rehabilitated so they can enter the workforce. It provides extra financial assistance for childcare.
  • Double Orphan Pension External Link: financial assistance to help with costs involved with caring for orphans or children whose parents cannot care for them.


*** Each of the above forms of assistance has their own eligibility criteria. For criteria, FAQs and how to apply, click on relevant payment link above and you will be diverted to the related Centrelink page.


Carer Payment or Age Pension? Which should I choose?

These payments are similar in their eligibility as well as what you get from the payment. Regardless of their differences, you are eligible for both if you are over the age pension age and you are providing care for someone who needs it.

The Carer Payment provides income support to you if you care for someone with a disability, medical condition, or is frail aged.

The Age Pension provides income support as well as access to a range of concessions for older Australians.

They are similar in multiple ways, including that they are income and assets tested. You will find detailed information to assist in your decision here.External Link


Other payments for you to consider...

There are additional payments you may be eligible for in your role as a carer. You should also consider payments the person you are caring for may be entitled to. 


Disability payments

The following payments may be available to you if you have an illness, injury, or disability which renders you incapable of working, or only doing a limited amount of work.


If you are 16 years or over

  • Disability Support Pension External Link: financial support available if you have a physical, intellectual, or psychiatric condition, or if you are blind.
  • Sickness Allowance External Link: a short term payment if you are employed or self-employed but temporarily cannot work or study because of a medical condition.
  • Mobility Allowance External Link: is a payment that assists with transport costs if you cannot use public transport without substantial assistance.


If you are under 16 years 

  • Youth Disability Supplement External Link: provides additional financial support to young people with physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability.

  • Child Disability Assistance External Link: provides additional financial support to young people with physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability.


Rental Assistance Payments​

  • Rental Assistance payments External Link provide financial help to those who pay rent and are already receiving a payment from Centrelink . There are specific eligibility requirements for this payment.
  • Centrelink's Payment Finder External Link is a great service that allows you to see which payments you may be eligible for just by answering a few questions.


We do our best to keep these links up to date, but the internet changes all the time.

If you can no longer access any of the above resources, please email us at nslhd[email protected] or telephone us on ​ 9462 9488​​