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Pre-admission information


Frequently asked questions

 ​How do I get to the Pre-Admission Clinic?

Please arrive at the RNSH acute services building (ASB) main entrance and proceed through the atrium to the ambulatory care centre main reception desk, located to the right of the green lifts. You will then be directed to staff station 2.

 Why do I need to attend Pre-Admission Clinic?

​Patients are required to attend pre-admission to ensure they are fit enough for their intended surgery. During this appointment you will see an anaesthetist, doctor, nurse and pharmacist. It is also a good opportunity to have any of your questions answered before your admission to hospital.

 ​What do I bring to this appointment?

Please bring all medications, including diabetic medications. It is important to bring the actual medications, not a written list.

  • Medicare, pension, health care and private health cards
  • Recent X-rays and scans relevant to your surgery
  • Any cardiac / heart specialist reports in the last two years
  • Any other relevant documents for your surgery.

 Do I need to fast for this appointment?

​Fasting is not required for this appointment. Depending on your surgery, you may be here for up to five hours, so please remember to bring some lunch. There are cafeteria facilities available; however it is advisable to bring your own food if walking is difficult for you.

 ​What happens if I do not attend this appointment?

Failure to attend this could result in your surgery being delayed.

 ​Who do I call if I require any further information about this appointment?

Please contact the integrated booking unit on (02) 9463 2430 if you have any questions.

 When will I be given further instructions about how to prepare for surgery?

​As there are a number of different reasons for admission, these instructions can vary. Your instructions will be provided by the integrated booking unit once your surgery date has been allocated.

 What if English is not my first language?

​Please call the integrated booking unit on (02) 9463 2430 to arrange for an interpreter.

 ​What is the Integrated Booking Unit responsible for?

The integrated booking unit is responsible for processing all recommendation for admission (RFA) paperwork for elective surgery throughout Royal North Shore Hospital.

The integrated booking unit works collaboratively with various departments throughout the facility to ensure the patient's/carers' and relatives' journey throughout the hospital is as smooth as possible and a positive experience.

These areas include but are not limited to: admissions, patient liaison officers, operating theatres, the pre-admission clinic and the short stay surgical unit.

 How do I contact the Integrated Booking Unit?

​Office hours: Monday – Friday 0800-1700
Telephone: (02) 9463 2430

Please call if you would like an update on your surgery allocation date, your place in the elective surgery waitlist or if you have any concerns with a recommendation for admission (RFA).

 Medicare and private health insurance

Royal North Shore Hospital accommodates patients who choose to be treated as Medicare patients, and those who choose to be treated as a private patient within a public hospital.

Using your private health insurance as an inpatient at Royal North Shore Hospital entitles you to an extensive range of services and benefits designed to make your hospitalisation easier:

  • Choice of doctor
  • Request a private room (if available)
  • Free television

For more information about your choices as a patient, please click here or contact the patient liaison officers.


Private patient services

Contact - Patient liaison officers
Telephone: (02) 9463 2264



We recommend you stop smoking at least three weeks (ideally eight) before your surgery. This is a good time to decide to quit altogether.  For help to quit smoking speak with your doctor, call the Quitline, or visit More details on smoking is available here.