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Justice and Forensic Mental Health Network
‚ÄčTraining posts in NSW can offer the full range of forensic psychiatric experience and can be a valuable part of a well-rounded training. Forensic terms can be considered as basic additional training experiences. Up to 12 months of forensic psychiatry experience can be accredited to advanced generalist training, and six months of particular terms to advanced child & adolescent or addictions training. Should you be entering these pathways, consider one or two terms. If you are prepared to take the full plunge and consider the advanced certificate in forensic psychiatry or dual certificate training this can also be completed within NSW, and rotations made available interstate or overseas.

Advanced and additional basic training posts in Forensic Psychiatry

Forensic Psychiatry (from the latin forensis, of the forum or intersection) is one of the oldest medical specialties, and now one of the fastest growing and dynamic areas of medical practice. It is the application of psychiatric knowledge and skills to the legal arena.

Modern ethical psychiatric practice involves much contact with legal and administrative systems, which training and experience in forensic practice is invaluable. Civil commitment, report writing, evidence at tribunals, accurate documentation and assessment and management of risk behaviour are areas which all psychiatrists will encounter during their careers. Having the confidence to deal with these scenarios minimises personal risk and can increase employment and career options.

All terms are accredited with the RANZCP, and receive the required supervision. You will have access to the weekly teaching program which includes formalised risk assessment and management as well as medico legal skills development. Research is supported, as is supervised psychotherapy. You will be provided with four days paid training in Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression, prior to commencing high secure clinical work. Terms can be provided in eastern or western Sydney or Hunter depending on demand and preference.

Available Terms:

  • High Secure Inpatient Terms at the Forensic Hospital Malabar (Male/Female, Acute & Rehab)
  • Inpatient Terms at the Long Bay Prison Hospital (Male Acute)
  • Medium Secure Inpatient Terms at Kestrel Unit (Morriset Hospital) & Bunya Unit (Cumberland Hospital)
  • Adolescent Forensic Mental Health Terms (Inpatient at Malabar, Juvenile Justice Clinics, Family &
  • Children's Criminal Court, Community Liaison)
  • Ambulatory Correctional Psychiatry (Silverwater Complex)
  • Court Liaison Service
  • Community Forensic Mental Health Service
  • Drug & Alcohol Service.