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How to nominate


NSLHD Board honour roll aims to recognise exceptional and outstanding service provided by a person who has had strong involvement with NSLHD over an extended period, generally of five years or more.

There are two nomination pathways by which the Board might choose to bestow recognition through the recognition and honours roll:

1. By application of the criteria:

  • Evidence of exceptional and outstanding service
  • Evidence of strong and regular involvement over an extended period of time, generally of five years or more.
  • Any form of association, whether employed, honorary, involved/engaged or volunteer
  • Not the recipient of a separate NSLHD award in that year
  • Three statements of support, available on request

2. By acclamation:

  • The Board may determine to recognise the contribution of a person who may not meet all of the above criteria if, in the opinion of the Board, their contribution has been so exceptional and outstanding as to warrant that degree of recognition.
  • The award would state what this exceptional contribution has been and would acknowledge that this was an award by acclamation.
  • In the event of a nomination by acclamation, the nomination requires support by a majority of the Board and the Chair of the Board will have the final review and determination.
  • It is not envisaged that this pathway would be the norm, but it is recognised that there may be exceptional circumstances that may arise from time to time.

Role of the NSLHD Board

The NSLHD Board honour roll is an award of the NSLHD Board and decisions about the recipients are made by the Board. A special committee will be convened to assess the nominations, and the committee will recommend the recipients to the Board.

The committee is comprised of four Board members, the Board secretariat and one person from NSLHD People and Culture. No more than five awards will be bestowed in any one year.

The identity of nominees are to be kept strictly confidential. The nominee is not to be informed of their nomination, nor is the nominator to make the nomination known to anyone bar the referees and the honour roll committee. The members of the honour roll committee may not disclose the identity of nominees to anyone bar the other members of the committee, the nominator and their referees.


Nominations are open from January 1st to September 30th each year.

Anyone can nominate an individual based on the selection criteria detailed above by completing the nomination forms below.

To nominate an individual by way of application of the criteria, please use the following form.


To nominate an individual by way of acclamation, please use the following form.