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Children’s physiotherapy service


The Child, Youth and Family Physiotherapy service provides assessment and treatment of infants and children who have concerns with movement, posture or gross motor development.

Interventions include play-based therapy, advice and education, provision of exercise programs, splinting and casting and group therapy sessions. 

We have a focus on the developmental physical needs of infants and children.  For concerns regarding specific musculoskeletal injuries, it may be more suitable for your child to attend a specialised musculoskeletal physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy services include the assessment and treatment of:
  • Torticollis - tight neck muscles or preference to turn head only to one side.
  • Plagiocephaly – a flat or asymmetrical head shape.
  • Talipes – turned in or turned-out feet in babies.
  • Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) – including application of Pavlik harness at some centres. 
  • Delays in achieving gross motor milestones e.g. delayed sitting, standing or walking.
  • Postural or gait variations which limit function: in-toeing, tip toe walking, bow legged, knock knees, flat feet. 
  • Hypermobility or low muscle tone which limits function.
  • Rehabilitation following injury, illness or surgery.
  • Difficulty with gross motor skills – e.g. balance, coordination, ball skills.

Is my child eligible for a service?


All clients must meet the following criteria to access the Child, Youth and Family Physiotherapy Services throughout the Northern Sydney Local Health District:
  • ​​​​​Aged between 0 - 18 years.
  • Have a valid Medicare card.
  • Reside within the relevant local government areas.
  • Not eligible for other funding such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or Early Childhood Approach (ECA).

Clients who do not meet these eligibility criteria will be provided with information on how to access a more appropriate service.

How to refer your child for a Physiotherapy assessment?

The service is free for all Medicare card holders.

Parents and carers can contact the central intake number below to make a referral.

We also receive referrals from Child and Family Health Nurses, GPs, paediatricians and other medical professionals. 

​​​​​Central Referral Number: (02) 9951 0293​​
​When leaving a voicemail please include your name, your child's name and date of birth, the reason for referral and your contact number.
Please do not call individual centres when making a new referral.

Our centres:

  • ​RNSH Community Health Centre
Level 2 / 2C Herbert Street, St Leonards, NSW 2065
Tel: 9462 9296

  • Top Ryde Community Health Centre
51 Blaxland Road, Ryde, NSW 2112 
Tel: 9448 6877

  • Hornsby Child and Family Health Centre
Palmerston Building, Hornsby Hospital, Derby Road, Hornsby NSW 2077
Tel: 9485 7533

  • Dalwood Child & Family Health Services 
21 Dalwood Avenue, Seaforth NSW 2092
Tel: 9951 0293

  • ​Mona Vale Community Health Centre
Coronation Street, Mona Vale NSW 2103
Tel: 9998 6300​