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Preschool vision screening


We routinely measure height and weight in all children as part of a child’s health assessment.


​What is the StEPS vision screening program?

The StEPS Program is a free vision screening program designed to identify childhood vision problems which cannot be detected by observation, behaviour, family history or vision surveillance.

The StEPS Program offers all 4 year old children in NSW free visual acuity screen.


NSW Health advises all children to have their vision screened before they start school and strongly recommends that all 4 year old children participate in the vision screening program.


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How can I access the StEPS program?

  • NSLHD StEPS visits preschools and child care centres to offer all 4 year old children vision screening
  • Your preschool or child care will ask you to complete a consent form prior to our visit
  • If your child does not attend a preschool or child care centre, is absent or too young on the day of screening, you can call StEPS to make an appointment at one of our 'pop up' clinics. No referral is needed
  • Vision screening is performed by Registered Nurses who are trained in vision screening.

Why would my child need their vision screened?


  • ​Children rarely complain of eye problems
  • Children may not realise they cannot see well
  • Some children see well with one eye but have poor vision in the other
  • Children's eyes may look fine, while parents and carers might think their child can see well despite some children still having a vision problem
  • The only way to tell if a child has vision problems is to have one eye tested at a time.


Contact details

Northern Sydney Local Health District StEPS Preschooler Screening

Address: Royal North Shore Hospital

Community Health Building

2C Herbert Street

St Leonards. 2065.

Phone: 02 9462 9550

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StEPS brochure is available in multiple languages via this link.