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Gender diverse workforce
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At NSLHD 77% of our staff are women, 22% are male and 1% are non-binary. In 2022, 52% of our senior leadership positions were held by women.* Noting that 77% of the total workforce at NSLHD are women, then women are disproportionately underrepresented in senior leadership roles when compared to men.

Women are under-represented at NSLHD in most medical disciplines in Staff Specialist and Visiting Medical Officer award categories, where the ratio of women to men is 30:70.
Only 13.72% of nursing and midwifery positions at NSLHD are held by men. It is acknowledged that nursing has traditionally been a female dominated profession, however, we actively encourage more men and gender diverse people to take up these roles.

Noting the above workforce statistics, NSLHD is continuing our program of work to promote greater gender equity across our organisation and more proportionate gender representation at senior levels.

*Senior leadership positions are defined by the Department of Premier and Cabinet as those roles with a salary equal to or higher than $169,638 per year.

We offer employees of all genders an opportunity to join NSLHD’s Embrace Gender Equity Employee Network which delivers a range of initiatives that improve gender balance across all levels at NSLHD. A key focus is supporting women to take on leadership roles and advancing women in medical leadership. 

To view the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Strategy 2023-2027, please click here​.