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Education and training

​Key Education Programs:


Supporting our staff

Our staff are encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge to ensure they are equipped and confident to do their roles. We follow the 70:20:10 model of learning which emphasises and recognises the impact and outcomes of on-the-job learning, the importance of coaching, mentoring and clinical supervision as a tool for development as well as the role of classroom and formal training for growth.

NSLHD has a suite of professional development programs for our staff in area such as clinical practice, communication and relationships, corporate governance, administration and customer service, quality and safety and work health and safety. Staff are encouraged to access education and training in areas of interest to build their capability.

We also provide coaching, career coaching, mentoring and clinical supervision to staff.


Supporting our educators

Our staff learn on-the-job all the time in the health setting and require support and supervision. It is usually the role of senior staff to provide this function. At NSLHD we offer professional development for our educators to ensure they can identify learners who need support, apply different models of support, assess and appraise staff, and provide constructive feedback.  Each year we also provide a health educator professional development day to enable educators to network, share ideas and develop their capabilities through the delivery of key topics throughout the day.


Supporting our managers

Managers play a key role in living out the values and achieving the goals of Northern Sydney Local Health District. We run a specific​ learning pathway to support all new managers to successfully transition to a supervisory role within our organisation.

The learning pathway runs for a period of two years and is designed to provide those managing staff with essential skills and key information needed to successfully manage both employee performance and organisational initiatives. Our managers benefit from this education by gaining a thorough understanding of NSLHD's human policies and procedures, knowing the right people to contact for assistance and learning critical skills that support successful working relationships with teams and individuals.

We know that providing support to our managers helps our employees have a better experience in the workplace and ultimately this results in better care for our patients.


Keeping our staff safe from violence and aggression

We take incidents of aggression toward healthcare staff very seriously and the management of violence and aggression is a strategic priority within NSW Health and Northern Sydney Local Health District.

Violence Prevention and Management (VPMT) is a suite of six training modules designed by NSW Health experts in collaboration with the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI), to address increasing violence, aggression or acute behavioural disturbance in NSW Health facilities.

Our VMPT team are leaders in education and provide training for other instructors and health districts. We take our responsibility seriously and as a result of training and other initiatives continue to see a decrease in total aggression – aggressor incidences.