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Haven't been able to find quite what you're looking for? Maybe you are looking for qualified trades, public health or clinical coding? NSLHD has a wide range of opportunities for non-clinical staff.

 Governance and compliance

​Monitor and improve the quality and safety of clinical care. Ensure effective organisation processes are implemented.

Roles include:

  • ministerial correspondence
  • medical administration
  • clinical governance
  • information access
  • right to information and privacy
  • policy management
  • risk and compliance

 Finance and Corporate Services

​Our finance teams support cost centre managers to manage their budgets to make sure we can continue to deliver safe, high-quality healthcare to our communities. Corporate services support managers to keep the

Roles include:

  • financial reporting and compliance
  • cashier and invoicing
  • management accounting
  • clinical costing
  • finance support
  • finance management
  • asset management
  • real estate and property managment
  • building engineering and maintenance
  • facilities and venue management
  • internal audit
  • strategic procurement.

 People and Culture

​You’ll help us find and retain the best staff, develop employees and ensure the workplace is safe.

Roles include:

  • workplace health and safety
  • human resource business partnering
  • statutory compliance and conduct
  • workforce policy and performance
  • workplace relations
  • learning and development
  • strategy and engagement.

 Environmental, patient and food services

​Help our patients have the best possible experience in our hospitals and facilities.

Roles include:

  • environmental services
  • linen and waste services
  • security services
  • wardsperson roles
  • catering / food services
  • kitchen support
  • diet monitoring.

 Information communication and technology

​Deliver and maintain technology that provides the tools and information our staff need to provide safe, high-quality healthcare.

Roles include:

  • information strategy and management
  • solution delivery services
  • information technology support
  • project management
  • strategy and planning.

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