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NSLHD Leadership Strategy

​The Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD) Strategic Plan outlines a clear vision to empower our workforce to be confident, capable and committed and for our leaders to have the capabilities to drive transformational change and innovation.  Driven by the Leadership Advisory Board (LAB), the NSLHD Leadership Strategy outlines and offers our staff the opportunity to work creatively and collaboratively to establish NSLHD as an agile, accountable and responsive organisation now and into the future. The Leadership Advisory Board oversees key deliverables of the Leadership Strategy.

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The Leadership Charter

The Leadership Charter outlines the qualities that make a good leader at NSLHD. We have taken some time to reflect on what our best leaders bring to our workplace and how they interact with patients/consumers and staff. It was created by the Leadership Advisory Board, based on feedback collected from our staff during the CORE values consultation.

The people who lead in our organisation champion our person-centred purpose, to enable others to realise their potential and to cultivate a diverse, creative, safe, adaptive values-based culture. Our leaders are inclusive, authentic, resilient, brave, accountable and innovative. They care, and bring about sustainable change that makes a positive difference for our patients/consumers, carers and community, as well as our employees and organisation.

The Leadership Charter highlights our expectations and responsibilities as leaders and helps focus shared efforts as we strive every day to be the leaders our staff, patients and community deserve.

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The Leader Development Framework

The Leader Development Framework helps our staff determine their learning journeys as a leader. Everyone at NSLHD has the opportunity to grow their leadership skills, not only those staff who lead a team because NSLHD has a distributed viewpoint on leadership.

The Framework offers an overview for aspiring, emerging and existing leaders to identify and access development opportunities that are available at NSLHD. Each layer builds on the last to create a flow of development opportunities for staff to see what is at their level and what is coming next.

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Leadership Development Programs

NSLHD offers two leadership development programs, one aimed at mid-tier leaders and the other at senior leaders. These programs are multi-disciplinary, immersive and supported by the NSLHD Executive Leadership Team. These programs were co-designed by the organisational development and capability team and the Leadership Advisory Board in response to the results of the people matter engagement survey and other surveys.

Participants learn about leading themselves, leading their teams and start to consider leading organisations as a whole through the exploration of organisational problems, contemporary leadership theory and leadership assessments, including a 360 degree review. 

The leadership development programs are mapped to the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework External Link and linked to the talent review and succession planning processes of the district ensuring our top talent is developed and retained.