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LGBTIQ+ workforce
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Psychological and emotional distress associated with stigma, discrimination and social isolation are major issues facing LGBTIQ+ people in our community. Addressing this is the cornerstone of our work to support LGBTIQ+ people at NSLHD.

NSLHD is an LGBTIQ+ inclusive employer. This means all people are valued and respected and have access to the same freedoms and opportunities as everyone else – without exception.

We ensure all our health facilities are safe and inclusive spaces where LGBTIQ+ people can access services, and work free from gender, sexuality and sex characteristic related discrimination.

We enhance psychological safety at NSLHD for all LGBTIQ+ people, leading to improved health outcomes for the community we serve and enhanced wellbeing for our staff.

6.5% of our staff who responded to the PMES in 2022 are LGBTIQ+.

We offer all our employees an opportunity to join NSLHD’s Pride+ Employee Network. The Pride+ Employee Network is a dynamic group of LGBTIQ+ people and allies with a passion for LGBTIQ+ equality. The network shapes a safe and inclusive culture where everyone feels supported to bring their whole selves to work.​

To view the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Strategy 2023-2027, please click here​.

NSLHD's commitment to LGBTIQ+ inclusion​

Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD) recognises and celebrates the diversity of our community. We are committed to providing high-quality, safe, responsive, and inclusive healthcare to LGBTIQ+ community members, and seek to affirm diversity in the sexualities, genders, and sex characteristics of our clients. We will actively work with local LGBTIQ+ communities to ensure that systemic and social inequities that perpetuate discrimination and create barriers to good health and wellbeing are identified and addressed, both within our service and the broader community. As a committed ally and advocate, NSLHD will bring awareness to specific challenges and opportunities, amplifying the voices of community to foster a more inclusive and equitable healthcare environment. 

We encourage any person who does not feel we have met this commitment to contact us so that we can make the changes required to deliver our vision.

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