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 Resources for Parents and Carers

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    ​Information and resources to assist parents and carers address vaping with their children and protect them from potential vaping-related harms. 

    In​formation and fact sheets 

    The facts about vaping – Tobacco and smokingalternate text 51: NSW Health fact sheets and information to educate parents about e-cigarettes and the associated harms, as well as types of available support. 

    ​​Get the facts on vapingalternate text 52: A Quit Victoria online hub where parents, carers, and influential adults have easy access to credible, concise information to inform conversations about vaping with young people in their lives. The hub aims to help prevent uptake of vaping by young people and help support those who would like to quit vaping.   

    Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping: Fact sheetalternate text 53: Positive Choices provides information about the effects of e-cigarettes (immediate and long term), common vaping myths and relevant legislation. 

    Parenting – Talk About Italternate text 54: A guide developed by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation focusing on having open conversations about alcohol and other drugs with young people. 

    Helping Young People to Quit Vaping​alternate text 55: The Alcohol and Drug Foundation highlights the risks from vaping, offers parents with strategies on how to have an open conversation about vaping and provides a list of resources to assist with quitting. 

    Videos and podcasts

    Vaping – What parents and carers need to know (June 2021)alternate text 52: A recording of a webinar which was co-hosted by the NSW P&C Federation with NSW Health and the NSW Department of Education to help parents and carers understand more about the health risks of e-cigarette use (vaping) and where to find more information.  

    E-cigarettes and tobacco: Policy, trends and interventions (Nov 2020)alternate text 53: The 2020 NDARC Research Symposium discusses tobacco and e-cigarettes research presented by leading experts in the field (90 min). 

    Know when you are being playedalternate text 54: This video explores the issues of manipulation and the way the Tobacco Industry uses this to recruit new consumers, young people, to their product. The video is also part of a learning package for teachers of students in Years 9-10 to assist High School PDHPE staff to address issues pertaining to ‘choice’ in and around the increasing presence and use of e-cigarettes or vapes by young people.  

    Let's talk e-cigarettesalternate text 55: This UK podcast from Cochrane, discusses the latest research on e-cigarettes. 

    ABC Life Matters  ‘How to talk to teens about vaping’ (April 2022)alternate text 56: An ABC podcast discussing how to talk to teens about vaping, with gu​ests from University​ of Melbourne and The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne.

    Understanding the health risks of e-cigarettes and vapingalternate text 51: Dr Lyndon Bauer unpacks common questions and misconceptions around the health risks associated with using e-cigarettes. The differences between Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and using e-cigarettes as a cessation tool are outlined.  

    E-cigarettes (vaping) and young people​alternate text 52: This podcast from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and NSW Health explores the evolving landscape of e-cigarettes as well as practical tips on managing nicotine addiction. It also looks as ways to raise the issue of vaping in a non-judgemental way and resources and services available from GPs. ​​​​

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