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 Resources for Teachers & Educators

  • Teachers and students 

    ​Resources to assist teachers and educators to learn more and educate young people about vaping.

    ​​Vaping has become a growing concern within the school community, especially the increasing number of young people who have taken up vaping. Schools are seeing the direct impact e-cigarettes are having on young people and their health. Education and awareness about the harms of vaping is a key area to help young people make informed decisions about their health. ​

    Teaching resources

    Vaping and young people – curriculum resources to address vapingalternate text 48: A professional learning on demand video designed to support teachers of PDHPE to address vaping through PDHPE curriculum. This video provides educators and teachers with an understanding of:

      • vapes and vaping culture 
      • how to address vaping through the PDHPE curriculum 
      • works with the stage 4 learning sequence and the NSW Health “Do you know what you’re vaping?” campaign materials 

    Stage 4 Facts about vaping teaching resourcealternate text 48: This Education NSW resource will help students to understand: 

      • types of influences on them when it comes to vaping, particularly on social media 
      • risks and short term effects of e-cigarettes
      • advertising and marketing strategies targeting young people, and compare and critique 

    Stage 5 Reframing vaping teaching resourcealternate text 49: This​ Education NSW resource will help students to understand: 

      • ​assess which types of advertising could have the most influence over young people 
      • learn how to determine the credibility of social media messages they are exposed to 
      • challenge their assumptions about vaping for young people 
      • describe how we associate social status with brands and brand name products and how we believe others perceive us by what we do. 

    NSW Health: Do you know what you’re vaping teacher resourcesalternate text 50: NSW Health has developed resources for young people, parents and carers, teachers and schools, and health professionals. Resources includes fact sheets, posters, newsletter information and social media tiles. 

    Know when you are being played videoalternate text 51:This video specifically highlights the market tactics by tobacco companies to sell their products, specifically e-cigarettes. Teacher lesson plansalternate text 52are available to assists High School PDHPE staff to address vaping using the content of the video. Developed by: PDHPE Teaching Staff and Murrumbidgee Local Health District, Australia, 2021. 

    Respect your brain: animated video seriesalternate text 53: The Respect Your Brain animated video series focuses on the impact of five drugs commonly used in Australia and explores the way these drugs affect a young person’s developing brain. 

    Vaping and young people for educators | Student Wellbeing Hubalternate text 47: A resource developed by Education Services Australia, the Studnet Wellbeing Hub has curated resources for teachers and educators to talk about e-cigarette use.

    Further information

    Every vape is a hit to your health | Cancer Institute NSW​alternate text 47: A new campaign from the Cancer Institute NSW highlighting the health harms and harmful ingredients of e-cigarettes (vapes).

    Clear The Airalternate text 47: Cancer Council WA has developed a website which can be used by teachers to help showcase to students what's inside vapes, how they are built and how they harm your body.

    Understanding the health risks of e-cigarettes and vaping videoalternate text 48: This video explores common questions and misconceptions around the health risks associated with using e-cigarettes from a GP’s knowledge and experience. 

    Positive Choices Webinar: E-Cigarettes and Vaping- What you need to know (1 hour)alternate text 49: This webinar is for school staff, parents, health professionals, and youth who are seeking information on electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and vaping.     

    Mid North Coast Youth Taskforce Newsletter Snippetsalternate text 48:  A series of resources, including newsletter snippets for school newsletters on vaping. Topics include:

      • What is a vape?
      • Regulations and laws
      • Why are concerned about young people and vaping
      • How to have the conversation with a young person who is vaping
      • How to support you​​ng people who are curious about vaping​​​
  • Th​e Science of Vaping ABC Report – Behind the News (4 minutes)alternate text 54: Chemists at the University of Wollongong have been taking apart e-cigarettes and testing them. This short report discusses results including the percent of e-cigarettes that contain nicotine when not labelled with nicotine. Links to Years​ 9 & 10 Health & PE and History are included.

    Unpacking E-cigarettes Online Coursealternate text 55: The Prevention Education and Research Unit (PERU), Research and Education Network with Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) have developed this course to increase students awareness and knowledge of e-cigarette use and completements schools health education curriculum. It is self-paced and can easily be delivered within a standard school period.   ​​

    Vaping Report - ACYPalternate text 47Vaping Report, from the Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People,  unpacks the reasons young people choose to vape or not to vape and what supports would help a young person if they were trying to stop vaping.

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