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 Resources for Young People

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    ​Information and re​sources for young people explaining the risks associated with e-cigarettes, addresses the myths and misperceptions about vaping. Includes tips on how to say no to vaping and where to get advice for yourself, friends and others.   

    Information and fact sheets 

    Every vape is a hit to your health | Cancer Institute NSW​alternate text 47: A new campaign from the Cancer Institute​ NSW highlighting the health harms and harmful ingredients of e-cigarettes (vapes).

    The facts about vaping – Tobacco and smokingalternate text 51: NSW Health fact sheets and information to help educate young people what vaping is, and provides tips on what can be done to refuse vaping and the support available.

    Get the facts on vapingalternate text 51: A Quit Victoria online hub where parents, carers, and influential adults have easy access to credible, concise information to inform conversations about vaping with young people in their lives. The hub aims to help prevent young people from starting vaping and help support those who would like to quit vaping.   

    Unveil what you inhalealternate text 52: This Lung Foundation Australia fact sheet was developed with young Australians for young Australians to present the facts, raise the issues and provide advice on vaping and how to take action when it comes to the risks. 


    Vaping: what we knowalternate text 53: Your Room (NSW Health) has put together information to tell you everything you need to know about vaping, including the effects of vapes, the law and where to get help. 

    E-cigarettes and Vaping Fact sheetalternate text 54: The fact ​​​sheet from Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA) informs people about vaping safety and the law. 

    Vaping Report - ACYPalternate text 48: Vaping Report, from the Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People,  unpacks the reasons young people choose to vape or not to vape and what supports would help a young person if they were trying to stop vaping.

    Clear The Airalternate text 47: Cancer Council WA has developed a website which breaks down what's inside vapes, how they are built and how they harm your body.

    Nicotine Addiction - Factsheet for young people​alternate text 47: This factsheet from NSW Health contains information about how vaping harms your health, how to identify nicotine and understanding nicotine withdrawal.

    Videos ​and podcasts 

    Dr Karl’s vape truths | Vape Truths (June 2022)alternate text 55: Get the truth about vaping in a series of myth-busting videos featuring Australia’s favourite scientist, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki. 


    ​​Vaping – Respect Your B​rain (February 2023)​alternate text 56: A video from NSW Health that shows how vaping affects the brain, can cause damage to our lungs and lead to nicotine overdose.  

    Understanding the health risks​​ of e-cigarettes and vaping (October 2020)alternate text 57: Dr Lynd​​on Bauer unpacks common questions and misconceptions around the health risks associated with using e-cigarettes. The differences between Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and using e-cigarettes as a cessation tool are outlined. 

    Know when you are being played (May, 2021)alternate text 58: This video from NSW Health explores the issues of manipulation and the way the Tobacco Industry uses this to recruit new consumers, young people, to their product. 

    E-cigarettes (vaping) and young people (May, 2023)alternate text 59: This podcast from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and NSW Health explores the evolving landscape of e-cigarettes as well as practical tips on managing nicotine addiction. It also looks as ways to raise the issue of vaping in a non-judgemental way and resources and services available from GPs.​​

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