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Research Workforce Support


​​In conjunction with NSLHD Workforce, My Research Hub provides support and advice for research related workforce issues. For all inquiries related to NSLHD Research workforce, please reach out to the following teams:
NSLHD Research Hub[email protected]
Employee Services​
[email protected], (02) 9751 6000
RNSH HR (02) 9462 9818​


How can I recruit research staff members via NSLHD?

A generic step by step process for recruiting research staff to NSLHD is explained below. Please coordinate with relevant manager/ HR person of your discipline before you initiate the process.
Certain disciplines (e.g., Cancer Services Network, Palliative Care Network) may have specific individual process of recruitment. ​​
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​A. Ensure sufficient funds (salary+ on costs) exist to fund the position (ideally in a Research Cost Centre) by liaising with Research Finance Office (Link: ​
Is a similar graded position available, either from your own or another discipline, or within the graded positions repository​rch_Positions)?
*Please note, it is not possible to utilize a PD from one award for another award (e.g., Health Manager PD cannot be used for recruitment of Nurse).

B. If you can identify a graded position, proceed to Step D. Please note, you can make only minimal changes to the chosen PD (e.g., name of department) during recruitment. 

C. Applications for new positions via the NSLHD Grading Committee.

Hiring manager should complete the attached ‘Positional Grading Form’ and obtain sign off from their Management Accountant, Senior Professional Manager, General Manager/Service Director and HR Business Partner (HRBP). 

The application must include the following documents and will not be accepted if not fully completed:

New proposed position description in correct NSLHD MS Word format (ensuring the character limits have not been exceeded).
Organisational Chart (including the previous organisation chart if application is for a regrade).
Benchmarking position descriptions relevant to the role (two internal and two external position descriptions).
For new positions, a completed and signed copy of the Working with Children Check and Vaccination Checklist.
For positions under the Health Manager’s Award, two completed CED Evaluations (HRBP to complete).
For positions under the Administrative Staff Award, completed selection criteria relevant to the classification (HRBP to complete).

All applications must be submitted to the HR BP by the cut off date titled ‘Application to HRBP Cut-Off’ on the attached ‘NSLHD Grading Committee Dates 2022’. Applications that miss the cut off date will be submitted to the following month’s grading committee.
Once approved by the grading committee, proceed to step E. The graded PD can be used for future recruitment actions. Please share a copy of approved PD to NSLHD My Research hub ([email protected]) for adding to repository of pre-graded PDs. 

D. Complete the Approval to Fill (ATF) form with position ID and justify the recruitment, leaving the finance section blank.

E. Submit the completed ATF form to Business Manager for review. Business Manager will check the details, arrange finance office to fill in details for finance and forward the form to ATF committee upon approval of Director of Finance. The hiring manager is informed about the ATF submission. 

F. ATF Committee will review and forward the approval to Employee Services. The hiring manager will be notified of approvals and any remaining non approved requests.

G. Where recruitment advertising is required, Employee Services will prepare the ROB system up to the point of advertising for the hiring manager. 

H. Please respond to email correspondences from Workforce for in order to progress the recruitment episode.​