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​The Nursing and Midwifery Network includes researchers who work in a range of clinical settings from neonates to aged care. Nurse and Midwife researchers are key innovators who encourage all colleagues to provide the highest possible quality of care and treatment through reflection, critical inquiry, analysis and implementation and testing of the best available evidence. Nurse and Midwife researchers contribute towards resolving and solving clinical challenges. They are dedicated and committed to providing safe, innovative and evidence-based care to our local communities in pursuit of excellence in practice.

Our research focuses on improving outcomes for patients. Our research assists to inform and shape the strategic directions for clinical practice, education, research and healthcare policy. Nurses and Midwives also seek to raise the voices within our local community to better understand and improve the patient experience within our organisation. Importantly, we seek to test and implement new models of care that inform policy and education.

We are a multi-disciplinary network collaborating with many health professionals on targeted research priority areas. Together, with medical colleagues, allied health and industry partners’ nurses and midwives continue to showcase their leadership, expertise and contribution to applied health care research. Nursing- and midwifery-led research is changing our workplace and narrowing the clinician-researcher theory-practice gap.

We have partnerships with local universities that bring rigour, creativity and innovation to the health space. We collaborate with academics and clinicians to energize and co-create meaningful practice change and support clinical innovation, integration and translation.

Our NSLHD Nursing & Midwifery Research Committee provides oversight and reach to support a culture of inquiry and opportunity to develop the capacity and capability of the nursing and midwifery workforce to provide safe, innovative and evidence-based care.

 Key achievements in 2020/2021

ChevronReview the latest Nursing and Midwifery Research A​nnual Report here (2021)​​ External Link

  • 40 peer reviewed publications and 11 book chapters published.
  • $535,255 in research grants
  • 15 current PhD students​
  • 55 conference presentations
  • 73 ongoing studies at NSLHD