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Nursing and Midwifery Research Centre

The Nursing and Midwifery Research Centre promotes collaborative research that innovates and evaluates health practice, services and systems, and co-designs and evaluates in partnership with consumers. This research has a measurable impact on health outcomes for patients and families, the quality and sustainability of services, and creates a culture of inquiry that supports and energises our workforce. 

Conjoint nursing and midwifery professors provide leadership across the health district and support knowledge generation, translation, and evidence-based practice. Led by the professoriate, research and education programs provide clinicians with the opportunity to develop new models of care, policy, implement solutions, improve patient/family engagement, foster a workplace culture of inquiry, and close the distance between evidence and practice. We aim to create solutions to a range of intractable healthcare problems. These problems directly challenge the capacity of the Australian healthcare system to meet the changing needs of the community. We will bring together leading academics in nursing, midwifery, economics, and allied health to support healthcare practitioners in directly identifying and solving applied clinical problems. These clinical problems are directly related to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and include: partnering with consumers, preventing and controlling infections, improving medication safety, delivering comprehensive care, and recognising acute clinical deterioration. These problem areas are of national significance and will be addressed in populations at the beginning of life, in people with chronic conditions, in partnership with indigenous Australians, with older people, and at the end of life. We will deliver measurable improvements in patient well-being, the quality and safety of patient care, and the efficient and effective utilisation of resources. 

Between 2017 and 2022 the Nursing and Midwifery Research Centre secured $9,592,661.55 in research and quality improvement funding, resulting in over 371 peer-reviewed publications. This includes nationally significant medical and health research grants awarded to nursing and midwifery research leaders, for example, the NHMRC ($2,996,654.90), MRFF ($3,742,099.26), and NSW Health grants ($2,104,553.20).​

 Key achievements in 2022

ChevronReview the latest NSLHD Nursing and Midwifery Research Annual Report here (2​022)​​​​ External Link

  • 595 attended nursing and midwifery research education program
  • 80 peer reviewed publications
  • 71 active research studies
  • 60 national and international conference presentations
  • 32 grant applications submitted
  • 19 grants awarded totalling $3,736,592
  • 11 higher degree research candidates
  • 8 state/national awards and nominations
  • 5 peer reviewed books and book chapters