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Rehabilitation and Aged Care Network


The NSLHD Rehabilitation and Aged Care Network includes research in the areas of;

  • ageing, aged care and dementia, carried out through the Curran Ageing Research Unit at Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital, and the Penney Ageing Research Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital, and
  • research in rehabilitation of trauma in all ages, and in disability in older people, carried out through the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research.
  • There are also a number of nursing and allied health clinicians involved in clinical research projects within rehabilitation and aged care services.


Key staff members include Professor Ia​n Cameron in the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research, Professor Sarah Hilmer in the Penney Ageing Research Unit, and Professor Sue Kurrle in the Curran Ageing Research Unit. The group supervised seven PhD students across the District over the last year.

 Selected Research Projects

  • The Confused Hospitalised Older Persons program (CHOPs) has been implemented in Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital, leading to improved care of older patients with cognitive impairment.
  • The Asia Pacific Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Frailty is being put into practice through work led by the NSLHD Rehabilitation and Aged Care Network. Frailty screening is being taken up across care settings and used to inform patient care. In the admitted setting, Hornsby Hospital has established frailty screening, targeted allied health and detailed advice to GPs on discharge as part of routine practice on medical wards.
  • The Drug Burden Index was developed and is used a clinical risk assessment tool to guide medication review in older patients implemented in practice through various agencies. eHealth NSW piloted the calculator and a clinician interface was co-designed. As well, deprescribing guides and consumer medicines information is available to clinicians through NSW Therapeutic Advisory Group website. Finally, a NSW HETI module on polypharmacy and medication review in hospital is now available.

 Selected grants

Kurrle S, Crotty M, Cameron I, Sherrington C, Pond D, Nguyen T, Laver K, Howard K. The FORTRESS Study (Frailty in Older People: Rehabilitation Treatment Research Examining Separate Settings). NHMRC Targeted Call for Research into Frailty (ID 1177847). 2020-2022. $1,470,000.

Rowe C, Sachdev P, Naismith S, Breakspear M, Brodaty H, Anstey K, Martins R, Ward S, Vickers J, Masters C, Kurrle S, Schofield P, Ahern S. The Australian Dementia Network (ADNeT): Bringing together Australia’s dementia stakeholders. NHMRC Boosting Dementia Research Grant (Grant ID 1152623) 2018 – 2022. $18,000,000.
Nguyen TA, Kim BG, Brodaty H, Pham T, Roughead EE, Pham LT, Crotty M, Kurrle S, Hinton WL, Esterman A. Strengthening responses to dementia: Building an evidence platform for the development of a Vietnam National Dementia Plan. NHMRC-NAFOSTED Collaborative Research Projects (Grant ID 1154644) 2018 – 2020. $850,705.

Hilmer S, Gnjidic D, Reeve E, Etherton-Beer C, Magin P, Bell JS, Kelly P. Optimising quality use of medicines in hospital to improve outcomes in frail older people. NHMRC Targeted Call for Research on Frailty. 2020-2025. $1.2 million.

Peleg A, Haines T, Cheng A, Peel T, Holt K, Hilmer S, Jeon Y, Stewardson A, Spelman T. MRFF. Stepped-wedge Trial to increase antibiotic Appropriateness in Residential aged care facilities and model Transmission of antimicrobial resistance (The START Research Program); 2018-2021.

Chief Investigators: Baysari M, Li L, Westbrook J, Day R, Hilmer S. Optimising computerised decision support to transform medication safety and reduce prescriber burden Partnership Grant, NHMRC 2017-2021. $830,545.

CIs: Jeon Y, Simpson J, Low L, Mowszowski L; AI: Hilmer SN Optimising functional independence of older persons with dementia: Implementation and Evaluation of the Interdisciplinary Home-bAsed Reablement Program (I-HARP) National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)/Boosting Dementia Research Grants, 2017-2020.

Morris M, Hill A, Haynes T, Cameron ID, McPhail S, Gray R, Kiegaldie D, Carey L, Webster K, Mitra D. A Public-Private Partnership to Reduce Falls in Australian Hospitals. 2018-2021. NHMRC Partnership Grant (APP1152853). $556,085

Braithwaite G, Cameron ID, Kitson A, Reed R, Georgiou A, Gray L. CareTrack Aged: appropriate care delivered to Australians living in residential aged care. 2018- 2021. NHMRC Project Grant (APP1143223). $1,158,000.

 Selected publications

Kurrle S, Bateman C, Cumming A, Pang G, Patterson S, Temple A. Implementation of a model of care for hospitalised older persons with cognitive impairment (the Confused Hospitalised Older Persons program) in six New South Wales hospitals. Australasian Journal on Ageing. 2019. doi: 10.1111/ajag.12690*

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