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Data Management Support


ChevronMy Research Hub at NSLHD strives to provide data management and handling support for NSLHD researchers.

To assist NSLHD researchers in achieving their research data goals in accordance with relevant policies and legislations we have developed a NSLHD Research Data Management Guide.pdf. This guide includes a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) Template (as Appendix A) to assist in responsible management of data. ​

Data Management Support Service

Our Data Manager is available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to assist and respond to your data management queries and assist in data access.

All requests must be sent using the ChevronData Management Support Request Form External Link​ and will be addressed according to sequence of receiving the request.

We will provide two types of support:

  1. Consultation- provided to researchers at the protocol/project design stage to ensure all policies related to data access and management are aligned with NSW Health data policies.
  2. Data access and management – provided to researchers who have a HREC approved protocol and require assistance in accessing, managing and cleaning the data in preparation to generate report for project management and dissemination purposes.​​
    Please ensure the following criteria are fulfilled prior to making a request:
      • An approved HREC protocol with clear indication on data access, management and usage plan
      • Scope of data access and usage
      • Specific forms or parameters (indicators/variables) to access


Data Management Support will be given for:

    • Organizing data to generate useful and accessible outputs
    • Allow ethically appropriate and secured access to data
    • Maintain data integrity and quality for efficient research output
    • Assist researchers to integrate NSLHD Ethics and Governance accepted digital tools into their research projects

Data quality matters

        • Provide reliable and clean data to help enhance research productivity
        • Support access to quality data to help researchers manage collaborations

​​Reporting tables from complex and linked data

        • Data tables from complex and linked data sources will be brought together for easy interpretation
        • Manage research data to enable quick search, find a filter options

Data access and related governance

        • Federal and state level legislations outline the accepted procedures on how research data must be handled, stored, and retained.
        • All steps relevant to data access and management will be recorded for reporting and publication of the applied steps.
        • Consultancy on writing data management policy and strategies for protocol writing and research publications

Security and Data sharing

        • Maximum level of security will be maintain for data access and management to prevent unauthorized access and data loss. Parameters approved by the HREC will only be accessed and shared.
        • Accepted platform and tools to store and access data (according to NSLHD policies):


Fees and payment for Data management support services

The initial meeting and subsequent limited number of consultation sessions will not incur a fee. However, a ChevronMethod ​of Payment (MoP) Form will be processed for:

      1.        Larger projects requiring significant amount of time from Data Manager
      2.        Non-attendance of scheduled appointments

The MoP will then need to be completed and uploaded via the booking link. The Data Manager will notify when a MoP will need to be processed.