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Breast cancer


What is breast ca​ncer?

Breast cancer is a common cancer with a variety of sub-types which are managed through individually tailored approaches.

Our service​


The breast team at the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre (NSCC) manages all types and stages of breast cancer from diagnosis, treatment and supportive care, including assessment of symptoms and side effects.

Patient cases are discussed at a multi-disciplinary team meeting (MDT) to ensure the best possible treatment recommendation is made. The breast team includes surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, breast care nurses, a lymphoedema physiotherapist, pathologist, radiologist and geneticist.

Supportive care services include nutrition, social work and psychology.


Multidisciplinar​y team (MDT) and clinics

MDT occurs fortnightly.
Breast an lymphoedema clinics are run weekly in the NSCC.
High risk breast clinics are run monthly.
Clinics run on Wednesdays on level 1 in the NSCC.


  • Benign breast disease
  • Early breast cancer
  • Pre-invasive breast cancer
  • Locally advanced breast cancer
  • Male breast cancer
  • Metastatic breast cancer
  • Breast cancer risk assessment and management​

Breast cancer experts​​

 Breast surgeons

​Dr Katrina Moore
Dr Samriti Sood
Professor Andrew Spillane​

 Radiation oncologists

​A/Professor Susan Carroll
A/Professor Gillian Lamoury
Dr Marita Morgia​

 Medical oncologists

​A/Professor Alex Menzies
A/Professor Connie Diakos
Dr Sally Baron Hay​
Dr Lina Pugliano​

 Clinical geneticist

​Dr Mike Field​
Dr Mathilda Wilding

 Lymphoedema therapist

​Dr Teresa Lee​

 ​Medical oncology nurse practitioner

​M​eredith Oatley (Tuesday – Friday)Meredith Oatley (Tuesday – Friday) ​

 McGrath breast care nurses

​Catrina Ross, early breast cancer (Monday – Friday)
Jenny Whiteside, early breast cancer (Tuesday – Thursday)
Samantha Moules, metastatic breast cancer (Tuesday – Thursday)​

​Cancer Nurse Coordinators​​

  • Catrina Ross, Early McGrath Breast Care Nurse

    I support patients with early breast cancer and their families across the health district. I have 25 years’ experience as a nurse and 13 years as a McGrath breast nurse and have Graduate Certificates in Medical Oncology, Breast Cancer and Natural Therapies/Nursing and a Master of Nursing - Cancer Palliative Care.

    I am a familiar face, helping patients navigate the system and attending to their needs. Every day I help alleviating some of the pressure a patient may feel and help them laugh once in a while.

  • Jenny Whiteside, Early McGrath Breast Care Nurse)

    I support patients with early breast cancer and their families. With over 16 years experience as a nurse and 3 as a McGrath breast care nurse, I have a Graduate Certificate in Breast Cancer Nursing and a Masters in Clinical Nursing and Teaching. I am a point of contact and I aim to develop trust and rapport to support patient’s psychological and physical needs. I want to make a difference every day.


Questions to ask your doctor​​

When diagnosed with cancer, it's common to feel overwhelmed and forget questions to ask the doctor. The Cancer Council offers a list of suggested questions for you or your carer to ask at appointments.

These can help you be more involved in your care.

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