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Our commitment, your care
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Our commitment, your care

‘My journey to cancer care was complex, but the team helped me through’

The Northern Sydney Cancer Centre - based at Royal North Shore Hospital - is linked with teams across Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD).  We are a leading provider of advanced cancer treatment and support services. Our team of highly skilled health professionals deliver individually designed diagnosis, assessment and treatments based on the latest evidence – evidence which we also contribute to through our clinical trials and research. 

The foundations of our model of care​​

  • 1. We truly believe in multidisciplinary care

    Multidisciplinary care starts at diagnosis and treatment decisions

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  • 2. Comprehensive cancer care

    Concentrating complex cancer care in one centre leads to better cancer outcomes. This is because it is not only specialist doctors who are important in cancer care, but the teams around them, such as intensive care and ward staff who are experienced in various specialised cancer treatment.

  • 3. Cancer care coordination

    A team of specialised nurse coordinators who guide you through your cancer journey.

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  • 4. Person centred care

    Care that sees everyone as an individual person, with different life experiences and tailor-made treatment to the person not the tumour.

  • 5. Clinical trials and research

    Clinical trials are a core component of best practice in cancer care. NSLHD is ranked highly in NSW. We think every patient should be offered the opportunity to participate in a trial or research of some form.

  • 6. Survivorship - wellness

    Helping people with cancer live better while going through treatment and beyond the end of treatment.

  • 7. Supportive and palliative care

    The aim of supportive and palliative care is to achieve the best possible quality of life for the individual patient, their carers and family.