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Tumour stream lead 

​​​Prof. Jas Samra

What is pancreatic ca​ncer?


Pancreatic cancer is cancer that is found in the pancreas, an organ responsible for aiding digestion and producing important hormones such as insulin.

Our service​


The pancreatic cancer service at RNSH is a leading centre of excellence in pancreatic cancer outcomes. We work in a multidisciplinary team comprised of experienced healthcare professionals to ensure patient-centred centred, evidence-based outcomes are met.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of pancreatic surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, a pancreatic cancer nurse coordinator, pathologists, radiologists, interventional radiologist and allied health.


Multidisciplinar​y team (MDT) and clinics

  • MDTs occur on Tuesdays fortnightly
  • Medical oncology/Radiation oncology GI clinic occurs weekly on Thursdays


  • Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
  • Cystic neoplasms and IPMN
  • Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour (pNET)
  • Other rare types of tumours

Pancreatic cancer experts​​​​


Prof. Jas Samra 
Prof. Anubhav Mittal

 Radiation oncologists

Prof. Andrew Kneebone 
A/Prof. George Hruby 

 Medical oncologists

Prof. Nick Pavlakis 
A/Prof​ Connie Diakos
Dr David Chan

 Pancreatic cancer nurse coordinator

CNC Monica Guha (Monday-Friday)​

​Cancer Nurse Coordinators​​

  • Monica Guha, pancreatic cancer nurse (Monday-Friday)

    I have six years experience as a clinical nurse specialist in surgical oncology, a Masters Degree in Acute Care Nursing and Graduate Certificate in Cancer Nursing. I am passionate about providing support, care and information to patients with pancreatic cancer and work closely with the multidisciplinary team. As a member of the Cancer Nursing Society of Australia and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network I am actively involved in quality improvement projects and pancreatic cancer service planning.


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Questions to ask your doctor​​

When diagnosed with cancer, it's common to feel overwhelmed and forget questions to ask the doctor. The Cancer Council offers a list of suggested questions for you or your carer to ask at appointments.

These can help you be more involved in your care.

Useful links​

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ChevronFor information, resources and support for pancreatic cancer:External LinkPanKind
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