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Radiation therapists
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Radiation therapists​

During your radiation treatment journey, you will meet a team of highly skilled radiation therapists. Radiation therapists work closely with the radiation oncologists to develop a complex individualised plan for your treatment course, and are responsible for delivering your treatment with accuracy and precision. Radiation therapists also carry out research designed to improve the accuracy of your radiation treatment.

Our patient care radiation therapists (PCRT) are trained radiation therapists who are here to ensure that you have all the support you require with side-effect care, on treatment advice and general supportive care.​

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Many health professionals will be involved in your care. Patient care radiation therapists (PCRTs) will be an integral part of your treatment team.

You will meet your PCRT on the first day of your treatment. They will provide supportive care to you and your carers throughout the course of treatment. They liaise with other staff specialists such as radiation oncologists and nurses, allied health staff and administrative staff to ensure high quality patient care is delivered.

As PCRTs have a sound knowledge of radiation therapy and how to plan and deliver treatments they will also be able to provide support if there are any concerns from a technical perspective.

​Contact one of our PCRTs

Treatment Suite 2: 0438 504 298
Treatment Suite 3: 0438 527 915
Treatment Suite 4: 0438 538 340