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Speech therapy
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Speech therapy​

​The speech pathology team at the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre provides swallowing and communication assessment and treatment for those before, during and after cancer treatment. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and head and neck surgery can make swallowing and communication difficult.

We provide education and advice on diet modification, management of treatment side effects, as well as swallowing and communication rehabilitation post treatment.​

We work closely together with radiation oncologists, medical oncologist, ear, nose and throat surgeons, nurses, radiation therapists and dietitians to provide comprehensive care to those with head and neck cancers.

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 When you should ask to see a Speech Pathologist?

  • ​If you are having difficulty swallowing with/without unintentional weight loss. This may be due to cancer treatment side effects.
  • If you have communication changes (difficulty speaking clearly, or difficulties with language function, or changes in the sound of the voice) due to head and neck cancer and/or treatment side effects
  • If you have an alteration in the structure of the head, face, or neck which changes the way you communicate or swallow (i.e. head and neck cancer or a tracheostomy)

 When are clinics on?

​Most appointments will occur within the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre at Royal North Shore Hospital.

  • Monday (0900 -1300) head and neck radiation oncology clinic (combined with Dietetics)
  • Tuesday (1500 – 1800) head and neck multidisciplinary team clinic

Some appointments post-cancer treatment may be held within the speech pathology department at Royal North Shore Hospital

 How to Refer?

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