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​Royal North Shore Hospital lymphoedema clinics​

There are two lymphoedema clinics at Royal North Shore Hospital.
In the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, there is a limited lymphoedema clinic dedicated to breast cancer patients which operates on Mondays and Wednesdays. You will find more information about the Breast Cancer Lymphoedema Service below.
All other cancer patients with lymphoedema are referred to the lymphoedema clinic in occupational therapy, located in ambulatory care. For more information about the ambulatory care service, please go to: 
External LinkLymphoedema service - Royal North Shore Hospital​​
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 What is lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema can occur after cancer treatment where the lymph nodes are removed or destroyed. It is swelling that develops when fluid builds up in a body part, commonly in an arm or leg, and does not go away.

 What is the role of a Lymphoedema therapist for Breast Cancer?

  • ​Provide education to breast cancer patients who are at risk of lymphoedema.
  • Detect and diagnose lymphoedema.
  • Provide treatment and  management of your lymphoedema including the prescription of compression garments.
  • Provide you with self-management strategies for your lymphoedema including: 
    • Skin Care
    • Exercise
    • Manual lymphatic drainage techniques
  • Provide you with monitoring and follow-up care of your lymphoedema.

 Am I at risk of lymphoedema?

​You may be at increased risk of arm lymphoedema if you:
  • Have had removal of the lymph nodes in your armpit, especially if you have had an axillary dissection.
  • Have had radiation to the lymph nodes in your armpit.
  • Are overweight or obese and have a known history of limb swelling.
  • Have had a skin/tissue infection in your at-risk arm after surgery.
You may be at increased risk of breast lymphoedema if you:
  • Have had radiation to your breast and are still experiencing breast swelling at more than 6 months after your last radiation treatment.
  • Have had an infection in your affected breast during or after breast cancer treatment.

 Who can use the service?

​You must be a public breast cancer patient of the Northern Sydney Local Health District to use this service. Private patients who are not receiving any treatment in the public NSLHD system are unable to be seen by this service.

Patients who have lymphoedema that is not related to breast cancer should be referred to Occupational Therapy in the Ambulatory Care Centre at Royal North Shore Hospital.

For more information:

 Is there a cost?

​There is no cost for the lymphoedema consultation as it is part of your public    hospital care. However, compression garments are not funded by the hospital and must be paid for by the patient.  Please be aware there is a high demand for this service and waiting lists may apply.

 How to make an appointment?

​Referrals can be made by your Healthcare Team including your Medical Specialist, Nursing staff, Allied health staff or your General Practitioner with your consent. Your breast cancer treatment history should be included in the referral.

You may be seen by staff in training as we are a teaching hospital.

For new patients, please phone: 9463 1204

For Follow Up Appointments, please phone: 02 9463 1199

Referrals should be faxed to: 02 9463 1090​

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